Do you, or someone you know, design and make your own jewelry, such as beaded necklaces and bracelets?  If so, check out our awesome beading boards!  They are beautiful (we think) and extra-functional.

This site is currently a gateway to our Etsy Shop, but we may transition to this site, alone, sometime this year (2020).

Please note that the items pictured here may or may not have been sold.  Please visit us on Etsy to see everything that's available.  Thanks!
Photo of Acclaim Crafts' multistrand, multipurpose Jewelry Beading Board, a.k.a. the Acclaim Crafts Multiboard
About Acclaim Crafts
Acclaim Crafts is owned and operated by hubby and wife, John and Laurie Walker, who call the Smoky Mountains home. We combine our creative thinking, skills, and passion to produce beautiful, useful things which we believe you and yours will love.
Acclaim Crafts Wood Beading Board for Jewelry Design
John's Goods
Handmade Wood Stuff.
Necklace Sets
Necklaces AND Earrings!
...for when you want to quickly throw something nice around your neck.
Something sparkly or subtle for your lobes.
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